Pioneer Business Systems, Inc. is far more than just a software provider or technology integrator. For over 30 years we have serviced a wide variety of organizations in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries. We leverage our in-depth knowledge and collective experience to help you improve your business operations.

We have APICS-trained and certified staff available, with expertise in all areas of operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics.

From analysis to planning to execution we are here to help. When the time comes to implement a system or improve a process, we roll up our sleeves and help you actually do it, and then measure the results of that improvement, working with you to make adjustments and further improvements as needed.


Pioneer has years of experience in implementing new systems, upgrades, conversions and system enhancements. From start to finish we leverage our expertise to ensure a successful and smooth implementation.

We actively leverage SYSPRO’s STARS implementation methodology, a structured, award-winning process that speeds software implementation for a faster ROI and greater operational efficiency.

STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve a Rapid Solution) consists of the following phases:

Joint Application Design (JAD) Sessions. A detailed review of your organization’s operations and processes using a structured set of guidelines and questions. The JAD is extremely beneficial because it provides the opportunity to question, redefine and streamline business processes. Both the implementation consultants and the implementing company have a much better understanding of the business, as a result of the JAD sessions and key processes and results are documented.

Model Presentation. Once the business processes are understood and defined, we build an actual SYSPRO model of the solution that will be implemented, often including your own converted data. We then present this solution, in a real-time SYSPRO environment, to your key users to prove the proposed solution. Adjustments can be made during this detailed review. You can rest easily knowing that your business is understood and the processes documented and shown in a working SYSPRO model.

Implementation. Once the model has been accepted a project plan is put in place to implement the solution. The plan includes everything from final data conversion specs and data entry to verifying the network and hardware requirements. Training is a key aspect in the implementation plan. Users who have been properly trained are able to utilize the full power and functionality of SYSPRO software and make a rapid transition to the new system. Throughout the training process users will have access to SYSPRO, installed in your own local environment, so that they can practice in the exact system (again, with your own specific settings and converted data) they will eventually be working in.

“Pioneer had our SYSPRO system online in 90 days”
– Tim Torno, CFO eInstruction Corp


Any system, regardless of its features, is only as good as those who operate it. That is why quality education and training is a priority for us and our customers. We will formulate the most effective training plan for your users by targeting your specific needs with the most effective combination of classroom, on-site, and online training.

Throughout the training process users will have access to SYSPRO installed in your own local environment. This allows them to practice in the exact system – with your own specific settings and data – they will eventually be working in.


SYSPRO’s web-based Learning Channel (SLC) is an excellent training resource for your users. Available 24×7, the SLC gives you the ability to assign your personnel to specific classes and review their progress.


For those topics best handled by an instructor in a live, interactive setting, we bring in our certified staff to augment the training your personnel has already received from the SLC. This training can be performed on-site, and remote personnel can fully participate via a live web broadcast.


For those processes specific and critical to your environment, we go beyond offering standard, by-the-book training. We personalize your training sessions to your own operations, which allows us to maximize users’ efficiency and productivity.


We provide timely, knowledgeable, courteous support via phone, web, or at your place of business. We will design a cost-effective support program for you that will ensure that your business operates with as little interruption and disruption as possible.

Our partnership with SYSPRO allows us to offer the best support model in the industry. First, you have direct, immediate access to Pioneer’s local, experienced professionals who know your operations and personnel first-hand. You will not have to wait in long phone queues just to talk to low-level support people who do not understand your specific needs or business.

Second, you have the resources of SYSPRO, a large organization with extensive technical and business knowledge who will augment our support capabilities as required.

Feel free to ask us for references. We can provide a long list of satisfied customers who have first-hand experience with the high level of support we provide.

Project Management

Some large scale technology projects such as moves, facility expansion, acquisitions and 3rd party integration require the services of 3rd party organizations. We can assist in the management and completion of these projects. Whether it’s interacting with 3rd party technical staff or offering more cost effective alternatives, it can be reassuring to some of our customers that they have, at their disposal, the technical savvy to make informed and successful decisions.