Our ABOUT US page is really an ABOUT YOU Page

Over 30 years of service and still counting! How have we lasted that long?! Because we know it’s all about YOU!

  • We only exist because of YOU.
  • YOU determine if we make your life better.
  • YOU determine if we provide solutions that make YOU better
  • YOU determine if we help you see your business better and faster
  • YOU determine if we make your decisions easier.
  • YOU determine if we help your people work smarter
  • YOU determine if we help your people work faster
  • YOU determine if we’ve assisted YOU to be a better YOU to your customers!

So how do we make sure YOU want to work with us?

  • We ensure we provide YOU leading edge solutions that are focused on YOUR industry
  • We ensure YOU have a resource that adds decades of experience to your arsenal
  • YOU have competition and we know how to help you beat it
  • We ensure we provide the tools necessary for YOU to meet your compliance Requirements
  • We ensure we maintain the skills and education YOU need and rely on us to have
  • We ensure that YOU don’t have to wait on us to get an important answer
  • We ensure that YOU know you can meet every critical business function
  • We ensure our conduct gives YOU complete faith in us.
  • We breathe manufacturing and distribution so YOU breathe easier

Our Mission

Enable forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors to maximize their business’s potential through the deployment of industry focused business applications delivered and supported by industry and technology experts.

Our Approach

Communication is everything.

From the sales cycle, through implementation and then support, we listen, consider, and then deliver a service that is focused on your challenges, your employees and your business. We understand your business and your objectives so we can ensure we provide the right products and skill-sets that meet your needs.

Whether working with C-Level executives or shop floor employees, we communicate in a humorous inclusive manner to motivate, inspire and educate. Integrity, character and passion have rewarded us with life-long business partners and continued mutual success.